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About us..

There's not a whole lot we can say about ourselves that we didn't say on the front page. This website - - is one of many which are owned, designed and managed by us, and by 'us' we mean the BeenDesigned Group. BeenDesigned is a small group of freelance website designers, friend, who work together as a collective, sharing work, skills, information and the occasional evening on the town!

Originally teachers, who took up website design as a hobby while we all worked in Italy, we slowly developed our skills and reputation until things got to the point that we decided to become full-time website designers. We don't make a huge amount of money from it, but the same was true of teaching! However, we thoroughly enjoy our work and get to decide when, where and what we do, which is as much as we can ask for.

These days we're split between living in the UK and Italy, so do most of our work with British and Italian clients, plus one or two in Spain thanks to contacts there. We all have our own personal sites, plus 'hobby' sites, in addition to paid work. We've also created various sites for voluntary groups, which we do in lieu of donating money. We even have a selection of our own sites which we created and manage in our spare time and run on a non-profit basis, seeking only to recover our costs, such as our Kennels and Cattery Directories. You'll notice they don't carry acres of advertising, as most sites do these days. We charge businesses a nominal sum to be listed, and that's all. As pet owners, both cat and dog lovers, we do it because we want to. Our only hope is that users like our sites and find them useful!

Need a website in a hurry?

One thing we should probably point out is that we are rarely able to accept work with a very short deadline. Because we do our own work there is a limit to how much work each designer can accept, and if you need a website for next week, we're not the people to speak to. As an average through the year, there is generally a delay of around two weeks between when you give us all the information and material we need to build your site, and us actually start working on it. It's very rare that someone is available immediately. But, if you want a website and you're prepared a little while for it, tell us what you want and ask us for a quote.